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newbie question about product photography

Hello All,

I had a quick question, I know when I am shooting a for a client in a portrait setting, I always acquire the appropriate contracts.

However, I want to build a strong Product Portfolio, and move towards more Product work... My question is, if I were to start shooting products, do I need to get Manufactures to sign a release form? My understanding is, as long as you're not changing their product design, or trying to pass off there work as your own, then there is no harm no foul..... I am just trying to cover my bases before I begin to walk down this path...

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I think this changes with the law in the country or even state in question, but I believe as long it isn't a commercial image, if you use it for portfolio and will not try to sell it, you're good. But someone, from at least the same country as you, should confirm that.