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Critics Welcome

Jack Daniel and a warm fire

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I'm certainly not an expert, but I can share a few thoughts on your photo. First, the composition with the Jack and fireplace is really nice. The bottom of the bottle and glass are cut off, so I would try to add a little more space there. I'd recommend a light fill flash on the label (particularly the top label) and glass, but you'll need to be careful with the angle of light to avoid reflections on the glass surfaces. Also, the aperture seems a little big, you might want to stop down to get a little more depth of field, and you can always composite the shot if you want to keep the fireplace as defocused as possible.. I think you have the creative part worked out well, though, and other than it being the morning, you've got me thirsty for some Jack...

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Hi, the background takes a lot of attention - it would work better if you only give a hint of the fireplace (it is too obvious now). Also, the quality of the ice you used does not look that inspiring in this picture - you could try to find some acrylic clear ice cubes to play with.