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BWW Hot Sauce

This was not shot for Buffalo Wild Wings. I've just had the idea for a while and wanted to use a brand that has some killer sauce.

This is a composite of 2 major images: one being the bottle with proper lighting, the second being the bottle with the flames being shot at it from behind. I used rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle to create the flames and the hot sauce bottle is suspended from a broom arm via craft wire.

I'd love to hear everyones thoughts on this image.

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It is a cool concept, I would say two things, one, you need the product front and center, it needs to be the main character in your image, the horizontal framing doesn't help too much, it gets lost in the additional space. The other things, perhaps contain the flames a little more, and make them distributed in the frame better. Also dont't crop the flames, the idea of not croping limbs works the same here.
If you do a few flames, pick the better ones and do a composite, that way you can control each flame in their proper place, instead of just having to use one that may or may not work. And you'll just have the great looking flames too. The fire will be very easy to compose together. Maybe use a really small fan to create extra turbulence in the flames, and better gesture.
The bottle in the middle of the frame, vertical, flames in the back, with some going around the front where they don't cover anything that's important to see.
If you repeat this image, I would like to see the result very much. I really like your concept, I think it has a great potential to be a awesome image. Keep going.

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Thanks for the comment Carlos!
As far as the product being vertical, I was going for a more active, explosive look so I went with a tilted look in an effort to achieve that. I think the lack of movement doesn't translate that effort very well however. The flames use one base image, and then I have additional layers of flames to create a more uniform look around the bottle. I'll work on it some more and may re-shoot it from scratch this weekend. Thanks again for the input!