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Concept in advertising images - How important is it?

Whilst I think that it's important to have a well lit and compost subject for a product image, I also think that concept is equally important.

In this image I've tried to convey the way in which reading a book surrounds us by words, it allows us to be removed from our normal, everyday environmental as we are immersed in the words and their meaning and story.

Any comments as to whether this image achieves this would be gratefully received..
Also, how important do you think that concept is to a product/advertising image?

Keep up the great work everyone!

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I like it. Yeah it is a good and original concept.

Hi Ian, I love the concept and the thought that went into it. I feel that concept is tantamount to a great lighting and a great photograph. I'm wondering if you can push it even further conceptually. When I think of reading on a kindle, or more broadly, reading via an electronic device, my mind goes to where that content is coming from. Call it the cloud or the internet or whatever, the point being that I think the concept could be even stronger if you were to illustrate the nebulous nature of the location of the information. I think it would add another dimension to the already great photograph. Maybe have word phrases swirling around the kindle, very free flowing, not so linear. Also maybe have the kindle floating as well, not grounded on the background- just reinforces the idea that it free from the constrains of other products, you can take it with you anywhere and receive your books and information anywhere, it's not tethered to the conventional parameters of other products.
Just my 2 cents, I love what you are doing here, keep it up!

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Hi Brian,
Many thanks for taking the time to articulate your thoughts... I really appreciated it! I know exactly what you mean and, oddly enough, my wife said something similar too! She suggested the words coming off the page and into the cloud.
I'll give some though to it and see if I can come up with a concept that works!
Thanks again!

Hi Ian, nice image, i like the lighting and of course, the concept, i would even say, the story telling of the image. I think, the lighting and composition of the image is very important but you are right, the concept behind the image is almost as important as the lighting. I often feel in my images that the lighting is good, but the image has no soul due to the lack of concept.

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HI Matthias,
Many thanks for you kind words & I know exactly what you mean!... My images have tended to be well lit subjects with boring backgrounds so one of my goals for this year is to create images with more of a feeling of context and concept to make the products really pop!