I did this shoot of beer can as we know being a photographer we should learn things everyday.
so please am open for critique please let me know how can i improve my shoots.

Simple Product Shot...

Client came to me on Monday of last week asking for a quick and as they called it "down and dirty photoshoot" of their new caddy to hold ketchup, mustard and mayo to put into a powerpoint presentation. I had all the product sent to me by Wednesday, shot on Thursday and photo delivered to the client on Friday. Thought I would share the before...

Axe recreation

I've been watching a lot of BTS videos and a couple years ago I ran across Alex Koloskov's video on an Axe advertising shoot and gave it a try.
I welcome creative critique.

Shot with Canon 5D Mark3 and 70-200 2.8 iso 50 ss 250 and AV 16


My First Attempt

This was my first attempt at product photography. This was lit using a table lamp diffused by two sheets of tracing paper, a silver bounce card, an Ikea battery operated night light and a snooted cell phone to light the label. The setup looked ridiculous but I think the shot came out great. Water was composited in in Photoshop. Any tips for...

Thoughts on Highlight

Was playing around with this whiskey shot over the weekend and the highlight on the glass is driving me a little nuts. I'm looking for thoughts on how else to light this to avoid that really harsh highlight from the stripbox.

Water Solán de Cabras

Water Solán de Cabras
The main idea for thiswas to demonstrate the freshness and lightness of Solan de Cabras water, and at the same time use the beauty of the bottle and its color.
To demonstrate the lightness, the first idea was to shoot the bottle levitating and after i decided to add the feather to reinforce the idea ...

Double reflections

Hey guys, I was playing around with a few ideas yesterday with a friend who is a jewelry designer. I was using a piece of plexiglass and knew that there was a chance for a double refection, but I didn't realize how much it was going to bug me. (trying to post a pic for reference, but the uploader is struggling with even a 250kb file for some...