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Black Subaru Impreza. My first time shooting a black car.

This was a beast to try and figure out, but I think I managed to get a decent shot. I shot this with a Sony 99ii and 50mm f1.4. I light painted the car with a cheap LED light diffused through a 24" softbox. There's a lot of post work involved as I was battling a lot of external light pollution.

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Billy Bonaros's picture

Great job man! Love it

Jimmy Zhang's picture

Love the softness of the highlights!

Todd Boyer's picture

Looks good. You let the light dance over the lines, and it just works.

Rod Bruno's picture

Great composition and light.

Gerd Moors's picture

Nice work Robert, the body is nicely 'lined'.
Perhaps... some dodging on the grill in order to get some details of the grill grid back?!

Eric Chen RR's picture

Awesome Job! Love it!

Robert Callahan's picture

Thanks Eric! That means a lot!