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Mercedes AMG at Dayonta

Wanted to share this quick shot - I love the Daytona banking and the unique perspective it provides for motorsports. Couple this with night ambiance and the glowing exhaust (and sometimes rotors) from the vehicles and you can usually get a dramatic shot or two.

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Great one! i personally love more blacks. But still great shot

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Good Job. Daytona certainly delivers and night time only adds to that!
Lovely clutter-free background and an excellent pan with the focus spot on. The car is nice and sharp and all the little details down to the driver's helmet are captured nicely.
Only unfortunate coincidence is that the rear tires didn't have the bright lettering like the fronts to tell their rotation.

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I appreciate the feedback - the lighting at Daytona is usually enough to light the infield-facing side of the car as well, but the vehicle was in between the floodlights during this capture. I don't mind it much as it allowed the exhaust glow to come out a bit. I'm glad you liked the shot, thanks again!

Beautiful shot!!! Here is one that I got of the same car at the 2018 Roar.