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Is PMP certification worth it?

Is PMP certification worth it? I currently make more than a colleague with a PMP.

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The PMP certification always worth for the individuals working in the project management field. So whatever the conditions or perks we are enjoying currently either by earning more money over our PMP colleagues but the PMP certificate do worth because it validates the skills of the PMP certified individuals. The PMP is already recognised by employers all over the world and because of its growing popularity, every employer wishes to employ a PMP certified individuals.
Therefore, I think that even if I am making more money over my other PMP certified colleagues. These (the PMP certified colleagues) will still be given priority whenever the company needs to promote their employees. The threats of being overlooked will be there whenever the company start any new venture or promote an employee because they will choose PMP certified individuals over the non-PMP employees. In order to reduce every possible threat, it will be good if I should consider taking the PMP certification exam. Spoto might be a good place to figure out how the preparation material looks like. You can get more details here https://www.spoto.info/