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Beginner question

Hello everyone!

I started getting into photography and Astrophotography is what really got me more serious.

I have been owning a Canon T3i for a couple of years, but never really tested it out until recently.

To do Astrophotography, I got myself a Rokinon 16MM f2 and I also own a Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC OS.


RAW vs. JPEG and artifacts

I just got my first Nikon (D500) to try to get better photos in low-light (indoor volleyball.) I am aware I also need to work on my technique and post-processing a lot, but I was able to sell my Canon 70D well and found a great deal for the Nikon, and wanted to try something new...

With Canon I was only shooting raw, with 85mm f/1.8...

Drumms book cover

Some time ago i made a photo shoot of the drummer and drums teatcher HugoDanin for his new book "The Drumming Track Concept- 5 Steps To Build A Work Method"
Because he is a Drummer and the book is about drumming we decided to play with the drum sticks...
this was the selected image for the cover.
The book is out now.

Dead Rose Set

Two very different looks, I set out to makes the first image and the second was just an experiment at the time. I've made it a point to focus strictly on minimalism and negative space for the next month so these are more exercises than anything.

First was shot w/ a shallow DOF and edited heavily in PS to go for a painterly sort of affect...

Beautiful Brittney

My most recent headshot session with a client I've been shooting for over 6 years. Each time she has come into my studio I have been able to outdo the last session. I'd love to keep improving. If you have any valid critiques please feel free.