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Morning bee atop flower

One of my first attempts at Macro photography. Caught this bustling bee early this morning. Thoughts, critiques, comments all welcome.

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Troy Straub's picture

Great shot, very well done!

Reggie Johnson's picture

Appreciate it, thank you!

Mike Young's picture

Could you post kit and settings please. How much of a crop is there. Great clarity and the colours blend really well.

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Hi, Mike Young I used Canon 80D w/Sigma 70-300 dg macro lens at 300mm 1/640 f/9 iso 100 cropped 25% Thank you for the kind words.

Mike Young's picture

Great, I also have an 80d albeit with a canon 55-300 so you have set me a nice challenge.

Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

Nice shot, very well done!