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Two-point vs. single-point perspective

I played with the perspective controls in Capture One and created two versions of the same image. In the first, I corrected only the vertical perspective and in the second, I added horizontal correction. I prefer the second, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on which is your favorite and why.

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Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi. this one is for visual appeal. may or may not be relevant for the technical discussion. First one. For that little distortion and hence interesting for me. Also for the proportion. For me, Second image looks unrealistically corrected and spread (since comparison is available). could be a different response if seen separately.

As i see, first image is a tighter crop compared to second one. Second image looks to have some tonal correction.

jim hughes's picture

It's all so subjective and nothing really matters but getting something you like. So in my mind we're not really "correcting" anything.

At first sight, the second one felt tilted to the right just a bit. But when I looked again, I liked it better.

Is this Chicago?

Phillip Breske's picture

It is Chicago. Good eye.

Tom Maggio's picture

I like both of these....I like the lines and light / shadow contrasts...I always enjoy geometry in a photo.