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Spiral Lensball - Feedback Wanted

Hey everyone! I am new to Fstoppers and am hoping to network with all sorts of photographers. One of the most important aspects of photography (to me) is to learn so I always appreciate constructive criticism and feedback on my work.
This photo was created with a finger light on a string swirling around a lensball. What are your thoughts?

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Love it! Reminds me a lot of the Tron movies.

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Thanks, I can see that, too.

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That's certainly a very creative and well executed image Goe. I love the graphical nature and coloring of the image

The lens ball adds a nice static element to the movement withing the image, with the light trails nicely captured within.

I'm not really a fan of lens balls in general but you have put this to great use (and I'm now having to rethink....).

Great work!

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Thank you so much! I've been trying to incorporate the lensball into my photography a little more. I vote you give it a chance! I'd love to see what you come up with.