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Profile shot, kiddos

This was taken with a pair of speedlights and umbrellas. No light on the background (a white wall), which I'd try again.

The intended shot was to have them staring at each other. No dice, my son kept laughing... so I had them put their heads together and look down, drawing an emotional looking expression since it was at the end of the...

Fall portraits... for your review

Took a couple of my close friends to Central Park this past weekend to test out a new lens, Nikon 85mm 1.8. Looking for critical reviews... Thank you in advance, gang.

As well, these were both natural light. On Bill's face here, I think he's got just a little too much shadow in his left eye socket.

I pulled out a reflector for a...

Cannon Beach

A much shorter drive, but still very early morning to start the day. I arrived at Cannon Beach with close to an hour before sunrise which still wasn’t quite early enough to beat the guys from Photog Adventures to location. I walked the short distance to the haystack rock just off the coast, and with great luck we had a low tide coinciding with...

First Day of School

I normally shoot nudes. (I also make composites that include nudes. I didn't post one of those because I don't know if nudes are acceptable on the group.)

However, I was asked to participate in an exhibit with the theme of School Days. One of my models had posted an image of her 5-year-old boy with a very large green backpack when he...

Black and White Infrared Photos

Just finished shooting a bunch of side by side slides of Kodak TXP 320 against Rollei 400 IR for a film review. Putting my results together for an upcoming article on Fstoppers, but wanted to poll the group:
What are your thoughts on IR film? Have you shot with it before?
Successes and failures? I know I titled this post "black and...

Experiment with light

So I did an experiment on different lighting effects and here are the outputs! Still more to learn, solidify and master all the lighting techniques.

Shot with Canon 80D and 70-200 f4L

1st Photo (Orange Background)

3 lighting setup.
Main light on right camera : Attached with an octagon soft box.
bounce light on...