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Hannah N. Headshot #2

Hey everyone. I'm looking for some constructive criticism for this image. This is my first shot at ditching the strobes for natural light using the translucent portion of a 5-in-1, forty-something inch reflector for my key light, and the silver side of a small reflector for kicker. At first glance I really liked this image, but there are a few...

Crysta Ward

Crysta confessed that she's not used to having her photo taken. After only a few minutes, though, she let loose and had a great time!

As always, feedback is welcomed and much appreciated. :)

The Nun's Beach

These two images were taken at a place called The Nun's Beach in the south of Ireland. I was wondering if I could get peoples views on selling landscape images from ill-defined or not well known/ recognisable locations (there's a better word/phrase that I'm looking for but it's not coming to me!).

Most people I speak to say they want or...

Second Camera Body Advice

I shoot weddings and portraits and from past couple of years have been going well. At the moment I have D700 & D800. I am looking to retire my D700. I was wondering should I go for D5 (do have a budget for this) or D810 or D750 and save money to get some lighting gear like Phottix Indra500 and not sure which one and best in all...