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Tutorial - How to remove all dust spots from a sky in Photoshop

I've already posted this in the landscape group but I think this fits here as well.

My name is Rainer and I'm a architectural photographer from Germany. I want to share with you my technic on how I remove all dust spots from a sky in photoshop. I don't know if this is already a well known technic or if there are other methods to get the same result but I thought I just share it with your guys.
My photoshop is set to german but I am sure you'll figure it out. If you guys like this and someone want to make a video tutorial out of it feel free to do it.
Comments appreciated.

Best, Rainer

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Thanks for posting Rainer! Never thought of using emboss for frequency separation. Photoshop is full of little secrets. I personally use Quentin Decaillet's method:

How To Make Sure Your Pictures Are As Clean As Possible


As solar curves can also display color banding issues or any masking flubs.

Still your shot looks great! Wish this site could share higher res images to see the difference on these subtle matters...

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Thank you for your feedback. I've just tried Quentin's method but working for a longer time on a large screen with all this extreme colors hurts my eyes. I think I stay with my method since working on a grey image is much more stress free. But thank you for your input.

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Ha! You're definitely right that the extreme color can make your eyes bleed for long periods of time :-P

I personally heal/clone first, then enable the solar curve adjustment layer to proof my work. It's also not always necessary to setup the curve like Quentin does. The main purpose of the curve is to stretch those pixels 'til they break. Luckily the curves adjustment tool shows you exactly which frequencies need bending.


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Very creative technique, thanks for sharing!