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Studio portrait

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Very nice depiction of the Season. Is that a studio background? I am starting to look at a home studio so want to learn as much as possible.

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Hello, my photos are taken on a white background and then I give them color or texture in the postprocess, the important thing is to separate the subject from the background so that this looks good.

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All the more impressive if you can separate the subject from the background like this.

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Totally love this image. I can't think of how to improve it. Inspirational!!!

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Wow! Such a good concept and very well executed. If I had to say anything at all, it's that i find the top image a little bit too "grungy". I don't know if there's a grunge-texture overlaid or if it's the makeup and a painted backdrop but I think a cleaner background would separate the model a little bit more and give a little bit more polished (but still dirty) look.
For that reason I really love the bottom image!

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