Quarter midget car racing

I recently had opportunity to shoot some quarter midget race cars. I soon bored or the static shots of the cars coming around the same corner and tried my hand at panning. I was rewarded with several good shots and an unusual series of shots of a car flipping. Thy driver was okay, and after the pit crew checking the car, rejoined the race.


Hey I know it's done before but I ever dreamed to create my own Milkdress for my self :)

Today I'm glad to show you my first Milkdress I've ever done.
The whole shooting was more complex than excepted :D The planed Model for the Shoot told me 10 hours before that she won't come because the weather wasn't good enough....Holy......

'Ghost' photograph

Here is an image I took using multiple bursts of flash during a 'long' exposure. The model was using a dance move. Metadata: .8 second, ISO 200, f8. three flashes at 1/2 power, no modifier at 4 feet away. Next time, i will use a dark background to prevent the ambient light showing everything behind. I painted out some items in post.

Manipulating Your Environment

This shot I did some time ago. The camera setup was a simple long exposure. The trick was that I lightly blew near the flames to make them distort.