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Light and emotion

Emotion and light with model Jenna @jenna_elisabeth_ ⁣⁣Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @mcgillivraybirniephotography #mcgillivraybirniephotography⁣⁣
Natural Light, downtown Orlando, Florida


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Bill Lemon's picture

Well done...

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This photo attracted me but I'm having trouble with aspects of it. Don't get me wrong, it's nicely lit and there is good post processing without it being overdone. A couple of things bother me. One is the bright, long highlight on her nose. I think most often that is not a big issue but here it accentuates her already long nose so is not helping her already beautiful face. The line of her nose extended top and bottom splits the frame exactly in half and that accentuates her nose in the overall photo. Moving her slightly off-center will help. And turning her head (the tilt of her head is excellent) ever-so-slightly will offset that super direct, straight-on look she is giving us. Her body is relatively small compared to her head. She probably has a petite body so working on the proportionality between the two I think is important. Perhaps a little lower angle would increase the size of her body in comparison to her head. And finally, I think the vignetting around her is too abrupt and there is far too much space left and right of her. If you crop half of the space at left and right, making it a vertical composition, I think brings better focus to her. Try holding your hands up to do this cropping and I think you'll see how much more prominent she becomes. I've looked at your portfolio and it is absolutely superb! This model also appears on your website with the same straight-on posing that I feel accentuates her long nose. The black and white version of this photo is a bit better for some reason. I think this is not one of your stronger works but you really are a very, very talented photographer- perhaps one of the best on Fstoppers in my opinion.

Gary McGillivray-Birnie's picture

Wow, thank you for taking the time to provide me with your valuable feedback/critic. I fully understand your points, which didn't occur to me before. So thank you for this insight, really appreciated. I've still a lot to learn, and I hope to do so to get my images to the next level. THANK YOU!!

Vijay Mewada's picture

Wow. A very few reviews with such clarity. a lot to remember for good frame before letting the finger click.

Jeff Sprague's picture

The halo looks artificial and almost certainly added in post. The background itself is dreary - which seems odd because it almost seems as if the subject was Photoshopped onto a background image. I'd also like to see her moved just a scosh to frame-right.
OK - that's my subjective opinion and I only say it because, despite these things, I really like this image. The lighting and contrast on the model and the intimacy of her eyes is wonderful. Love it!

Gary McGillivray-Birnie's picture

Thank you Jeff, for the time to provide your feedback. All criticism is appreciated. Thank you for your opinion.