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Headshot Retouching

I am retoucher and work on headshot photo. My rate is $3/image.
What do you think about my work and the cost?

I would love to hear your comment :)

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I like it, could you post some others?

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Of course. I will post more :)

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Hi Nathaly!
About the cost, my opinion is that you are giving it for free.
Consider checking out the prices and rates from your favorite professional retouchers, and compare it with yours.

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How much do you think? :)

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Hi Nam!

I can't say to you, neither want to, how much do you have to charge. You are your own boss and is your business.

I suggest that you compare your prices with the prices of the professionals you admire most. I don't know yours, for me, they are Natalia Taffarel, Michael Woloszynowicz, Julia Kuzmenko McKim, Pratik Naik... Consider if your work is at the same level an if not, see what is what they do better than you and improve in that areas.

Do what you think is best for you. And if you decided to make a change, do it gradually. A change in prices is a change in target clients and probably almost no one of your old clients are going to be willing to pay more for what they consider the same work.
Perhaps you can change your prices in your web and in private inform your old clients that you are changing prices but you are going to respect the old prices for them for a while, so you don't stop working the time that takes you to build a new clientele.

The most important thing, never stop learning, never stop working. All fall in place if you follow that rules, just give it a little time :)

I wish you the best luck which whatever decision you take!!!!
look forward to see your evolution

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Thanks Samuel :)
Yes I am thinking because I worked with some client and they said my price is good for them ! I always ready to help :)

But for my future client, I think will charge more. Hope they will understand for my work.

BTW, Do you often retouch your photos? Or hire retoucher? ;)

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jajjajjajajjajaj good try! I love retouching!

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Sorry to say but my problem with this retouch is the same with all online retouch services: its just too strong.
When I give my client his photo he must think it wasnt retouched at all and that it is all just him.
On these pictures everybody can see its not natural. of course, some people like when they look like from women glossy magazine, but to some its offending.