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Headshot Customer Service

Hey all, I have a few questions for you guys related to headshot customer service. When you do head shots, how many pictures do you normally deliver to the client? Do you allow them to see the pre-edited images to choose which ones you'll edit or do you pick for them and edit those? How long do you tell clients it will take before you return their fully edited images?
Thanks all.


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Hey Jason, I have different packages that I offer so it completely depends on what the client is purchasing. I don't give out unedited photos anymore since I have had people reedit my photos in the past, and they looked awful. I do give my clients a timeline of when to expect their photos. I personally always give myself about a week extra of time. A great mindset to have is to under promise, and over deliver.

Hope that helps!

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I do let my clients see unedited images to allow them to select which ones I will edit. I will throw out the obvious clunkers though like eyes closed, missed focus, etc...

The number of proofs I deliver for them to choose their favorites from, completely depend on the shoot itself. Sometimes the client is happy after 100 shots and sometimes it will take 200. But in terms of finished edited pictures, I deliver how ever many pictures as they did "looks."

For example, my session includes 3 different looks so they get their 3 favorites images retouched and ready for printing. I offer additional looks as well and however many extra looks the add on to the session, it also adds on to the total number of delivered pictures. 5 looks=5 finished images etc.

I tell clients a 48 hour turn around time from the time they send me their selected favorites.

Hope this helps!


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I shoot lots of headshots... Http://www.smartheadshots.com

What I do is shoot raw+JPEG and then give them a disc with all the jpegs before they leave. They can then select the images they want retouch.

My retouching time is 3-5 days. But that gives you a chance to up sell. If they have an audition tomorrow or something, I offer same day retouch for additional $100.

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I would STRONGLY advise to let the customers choose the images they want from the session.

Lots of times, usually women clients, have some feature or angle that they HATE, but only they see that flaw. So often the shots I love because of technical/photography reason, they don't like because it's not their "good side", etc

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My clients always see the unedited images, we also go through them during the shoot.
I don't have a set number of images i deliver, it depends on the looks they wanted, but usually it's 2 images per "look" .
as for delivery, I tell them it takes 3-4 days to get the retouched images.
I like to deliver prior to the date, than being late so I add an extra day to what it actually takes (you never know what can go wrong)

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I send a online gallery of unedited images to my client. They select their favorites based on the package the choose and I send them their retouched images in a few days.

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I generally come home from the shoot with 150-250 images depending on how many looks we shot. Sessions are not really time limited, but usually run about 90 minutes, and most clients will bring 2-4 outfits. I then cull that down to 25-35 shots that I do global edits on in LR5. Those versions are delivered within 2 weeks (could be faster unless I'm backlogged), and the client can choose 5 images that they would like me to do further retouching on. The final retouched images are delivered about a week later.

During my sessions I'm trying to find out if there are things that the client is self-critical about...and trying to educate them on the fact that things that they don't like about themselves are often completely unnoticed by others (and perhaps even casting people). So I deliver my favourites from the shoot and let them select their finals from the culled set. I don't show them anything that I don't think is a strong shot.