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Instagram Pod for photographers, anyone interested?

I'm thinking about setting up a Instagram pod for photographers. The idea is to gather a small group of max 15 members (maximum limit for group DM on instagram is 15) for those who post quality images about 2-3 times per week.

My niche is B&W portraiture, Instagram @mutka, and yours can of course be something else in photography. The idea is to get a group of talented photographers together who value quality over quantity and help each others accounts grow among those who post more often.

If your interested leave a comment below with your Instagram handle and I'll start setting things up.

EDIT: I'm not in the pod anymore so ask other in the group for add ins, keep posting :)

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Beautiful portraits

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Hi. I am an adventure/landscape photographer. I really dig your work. Im definitely interested in joining a Pod like you're describing. My instagram handle is @darthkanaka.

Hi There - I am a portrait/lifestyle photographer. Wondering if you can add me to the pod?

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Great Idea! I would love to join.

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This should be interesting, with the world time differences. Count me in @brad_aulsebrook

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would be honored


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I run an IG pod with 75+ people on Whatsapp. It is geared more towards adventure photography but all is welcome. Shoot me a message on IG @alphawanderlust

Im interested in being part of your pod! @ sb_visualss

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sending message :)
hammocks :) OH cool full time hammock sleeper various makes models and also our whole family are hammock campers !!!

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an update for who shoot me a DM wanting to join, its a minimum 5k followers for the group:)

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I'm a part of many Pods, but count me in :-) I do landscape and wildlife. I post once per day.

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Hi! I'd like to join the pod!

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Stunning work on your pages! Happy to see that this got interest among talented people. I'll be setting up the pod tomorrow with a few guidelines.

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I'm interested, however I'm an aspiring model- would any of you consider including me anyways? @rebelgabtap

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You can add me up if you still have a slot: @marktiuphotography

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I'm interested - @danjoyce

Id love to be a part of it too! Im new to the group, so i look foward to see y'alls work! @ Sb_visualss

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I photograph action sports (mostly surfing)/landscapes/wildlife. I'd love to join the pod if there's space, and I'm happy to join any others. @perniconephoto

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pet tog :)

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Wildlife and landscape photography

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Author photography

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Hi im having a hard time to get IG account to grow and get some exposure. So if you have room for one more. I would like to join. I mostly focus on fashion and portraits. Best regards Kristian @blakablakavisual

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awesome stuff mate
im on @annupam and would love to get involved

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Beautiful !

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a little late to the conversation, but if anyone wants to start one i'm @ed_deez

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I live in kenya though till next year

Also in. From what I understand the way to do it is to move the convo off IG asap.

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Im in too! @zepharc

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great idea! check me out, nature/wildlife


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Sounds interesting. Would love to join. Mainly Nature and Travels but also trying out new stuff. @loosbude

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I would be super interested in any pods if there is room!
Just dm me if interested:

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I would love to join. I currently have two accounts

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I am interested

Please explain what I need to comment on new post all post etc?

thank you

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Would LOVE to join the pod, I post on there much more.


I'd be down for sure, however I don't post 2-3 per week although I wish I had the time. I post about 1 per week. Quality over quantity for sure and my day job keeps me busy. Check out my feed, if you dig it, add me please. @bumpmn

Just discovered this thread. Brookie with 24 years and counting.
Architecture • Corporate • Environmental Portraiture. @dougwalkerphoto

I am interested please add me.
@pauldenzroxas Thanks

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Nice one, add me in @alexandermils

Hi, I would love to join!! I'm a new photographer and really want to be a part of this. :D

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Hi, I would like to join too IG:@tayyebmubarikphotography

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Awesome Work! Would love to participate in this!

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I would love to be involved my Insta is @FAxVince

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So late to the game, but if there's room, I'd love to join. @danleephoto

a little late, but just in case my user is @martinorozco

@kayleighsclicks// prob too late bc i literally got on this website today..

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I want in! @fredriksupertramp

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Also interested @BWPE

im in too @harebear