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New group banner photo - Submit your image

Hey group, I think we should get a new group banner photo. So how about in the comments of this post you submit one of your images and based on the up votes we can decide what one gets picked.

*** As you can see if you're browsing on a computer, the banner is stretched quite wide and not very tall. Not all images are going to look good here. The dimensions of the image are 1100 x 450 pixels. Keep this in mind when submitting here. Bonus points if you submit your image already cropped to that size so it's easy to tell if it's a good fit. Thanks!

*** Also if you submit a photo, I want to see you vote on some others here too! If you're one of the first people to comment then check back in later.

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Woodland Morning. Four shot wide pano. Three brackets for each shot.

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Great Idea Ryan! Looking forward to other contributions.

Meanwhile, here is my submission:

*** The Awakening *** by Shyama Prasad Mishra

*** The Awakening ***

I can send a re-sized version to match the cover size, if this gets picked.

Good Luck to All!

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Oh my. I remember this from a few weeks ago. A truly awesome image, Shyamaa

Allan Pudlitzke's picture

Wow this is gorgeous, a truly wonderful shot.

Dass Alamillo's picture

Wild Horses on a Canyon!!!

Allan Pudlitzke's picture

Nothing fancy technique wise, the weather was the true champion here. I did do a few tonal adjustments in photoshop and some luminosity mask enhancements and that's about it. Single shot with a 35mm lens


Heavy by Allan Pudlitzke


What about some Aurora? :)

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Congrats Shyama, looks like you have the most votes! How about in a month or so we'll switch it to the runner up here.

Shyama Prasad Mishra's picture

Hey Ryan,

Thank you!

I welcome your idea. Changing the poster monthly would encourage more engagement and also allow old and new talents to showcase their latest work.

It's a win win situation.

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I love those shots guys! I know you already voted, but here's a couple for the future if you like them.