Creativity and Imagination When The Weather Is Not Cooperating

The goal on this day was to get the sunrise, the weather disagreed. I decided to stick it out and explore. I learned that day with a little imagination and creativity you always have options. I love this composition but what do you guys think?

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user-187388's picture

A dramatic shot Victor on a grey day.My motto is any picture taken is better than one not taken. We can then find what works and what doesn't.Well done for continuing to get a decent shot.

for sure Geoff :-)

Very dramatic. I love it!

Glad you like it Belinda , thank you :)

Danial McCoy's picture

It's lovely!

In my experience there is never a bad time for photography. Difficult conditions breed creative solutions!

Indeed is sure does Danial

Michael Kuszla's picture

Bad weather, or bad conditions push you to be more creative... Maybe that's because you have to go outside to take photos as you sat on your sofa with a drink.

But bad weather is not rain, but also heat and dust, cold and ice, wind and waves - and most of the time clouds with flat light...

As on this picture. Yours. And mine.
The diference on mine? I have huce ice block on the structure. -12°c outside with the ground completely frozen (as my feet) - and a so flat sky... So i used a small strobe to create someting more attractive (hopefully).

I like yours because of the athmospherix light, and I'd love it if you've play with ND filter to blur the sea.

NIce job anyway :)

David Medeiros's picture

Found myself in a similar situation on the coast this weekend. Lots of high fog so no light. Used BW and long exposure to add some drama. What I like about your composition is the main stack obviously, leaning away from the observer as it rises up. But my eye keeps going to the foreground rocks that are leaving the frame to bottom right. If possible I would have re composed to bring that rock in more and isolate it from the image edge and from the smaller rocks in the distance at the horizon.

Thank you for your input :-). I do have a composition that displays the rocks. Eventually I might post it. But this one was more appealing to me :-)