Photography is one of the best ways to influence the thinking of a person. A well-captured photograph can quickly engage a person to think about it and imagine the scenario. Some pictures are so eye-catching that it makes an individual feel lost in the scene. As being a photographer sunset photography is one of the most beautiful forms of photography I have ever done in my life.

Sunset is the most beautiful and peaceful moments that can be captured by any photographer. It gives a feeling that all the difficulties and hurdles of the day are finally syncing towards their end. The sun setting is an example relevant to daily life, how it becomes peaceful and relaxing as the day ends. It gives a message that the time of working and struggling is coming to an end but with a hope that it will rise again. Whenever I capture sunsets, it feels like all my problems are set down with the sun. The warm light that becomes dimmer and cooler as the sun goes down lightens up the mood. This type of photography can relax any individual who is going through a bad day.


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Sunrises/Sunsets are loads of fun because they change personalities so quickly. I can shoot a lot of images when I set up for a Sunrise or Sunset, especially if there's a nice cloud cover to go with it. Your setting looks like a really terrific spot. I'd love to try a few with an ND filter for a different feel.

Nice work!