Frozen pier in Tallinn

Hey guys,

This is a shot, taken in Tallinn, Estonia. It was sometimes early afternoon on the shore next to this beautiful pier.

Tallinn was incredible that day as the sky was clear just before the afternoon, when those clouds begin to spread. The sun is always rather low during the winter and it is fantastic to wonder around.

As always - I'm more than happy to get feedback on the photo :)


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Joel Thompson's picture

Looks like a beautiful location and a lovely pier. A couple of my thoughts (2 cents): the rocks with ice add to the image in that it demonstrates how cold it is. That said I would play with the framing of them. Maybe get closer to the ground so they appear larger. Also let your foreground breath a bit more by adding some water in front of the rocks. Lastly, tack sharp focus is important to draw the eye into the image and all the way to the end of the pier. Your clouds and the sky add a peacefulness to this image.

Hey Joel,

Thank you for the comments. I absolutely agree about the foreground, but sadly, this is the most I could've get from the spot...

What d you mean by the tack sharp focus? is it that it looks not sharp enough for you?

Joel Thompson's picture

the focus in the foreground looks a little soft. What settings did you use to take this photo?

it's f8, 1/200. And I think you're right, there is a little smoothness on the rocks. I shot it handheld and I guess that's why it's not razor sharp..