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Dense fog at sunrise, Oxford

Made this morning in a town not far from my home in central Florida. My wife sends me updates after her drive to work whenever she encounters really heavy fog, so I grab my gear and head out when I get a text from her early in the morning. I made a few images today and I'll be sharing them here and in the B&W group.

I'm not sure which crop I like here. The wider one is the camera crop. I took a little off the right side for the other one and now I think it might be missing too much of the mid-ground tree. What do you think?

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joseph cole's picture

i kinda wish you would have had a bit more of the foreground tree in frame to see a natural gradation and adding more contrast otherwise i like the top one fog is AWESOME for drama

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I‘d like to see more of the foreground tree on the right, too. Not only would it emphasize great depth but also introduce repeating patterns of tree shapes.

Joe Scalise's picture

I prefer the top one where you cropped out the foreground tree peeking in on the right, removes that distraction. What I like most is the tones (blacks or grey) softening as they move further back into the fog, leading my eye inward. There's good definition in the first tree, just enough in the second, and those background trees are not distracting, they are soft, adding just enough detail.

I do wish the bright (sun) spot upper left wasn't so close to the left edge of the image, and maybe even dimmed slightly as not to pull my eye too much.

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I appreciate the feedback. I went through several iterations on the sun. When I turned it down a bit, the whole image seemed a little too gray. If I then dialed down the darks to add contrast, the fog lost its allure.

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I can absolutely see that, certainly doesn't ruin the image for me as it is. I like the balance and mood you have captured here.