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Phillip Breske's picture

Fallen tree detail, Oxford

I can't quite explain why I like the way this looks. Maybe it's the abstract nature of the image or the extreme detail. It's just a closeup of a dead tree on a foggy morning.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Like it too, Phillip! And who cares why?

There's a grace in the sweep of that top branch, and it seems to embrace the tangle below. This forms a kind of circularity in the composition,which is all balanced in harmony. The mist in the background glows, and the rich detail is a feast for the eyes.

Often for me, photography's appeal is its ability to somehow reveal the beauty of the world that's there in front of us, but we "can't see for looking" all too often - or we don't even look.

joseph cole's picture

i need to start shooting B&W i feel like it gives you more versatility with structural and abstract images. the soft backlighting really makes this work... nice Phillip

Phillip Breske's picture

Thank you.

South Florida photographer Clyde Butcher has two quotes about B&W that I really love:

"Color is a reproduction of reality, while black and white is an interpretation of reality. Therefore, black and white is art."

I'll paraphrase the next one. He said that in a natural ecosystem, nothing is more or less important than anything else. The sky, the trees, the water, all work together in harmony. In a black and white photo, there are only tones of gray that work together to build an image without drawing viewers' eyes to whatever color they may be more attracted to.