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Phillip Breske's picture

Foggy treeline at sunrise, near Micanopy

A second shot from the same morning I posted earlier. I'm not as in love with this one, but it has its merits.

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joseph cole's picture

nice Phillip! how big is your catalog of shots anyway?

Phillip Breske's picture

Thanks. I think I have taken over 150,000 photos. Of course, only a very small percentage are good enough for me to display publicly, but I still have a lot to choose from.

joseph cole's picture

yeah that's a good size library

Phillip Breske's picture

That library is why I have 10 terabytes of storage and backups. Ugh.

Phillip Breske's picture

And it gets worse from here. When I bought my last Sony A900, I thought the file sizes were pretty ridiculous, but that one died and I upgraded to the A99 Mark 2 and now the files are crazy. When I convert to 16-bit TIFF format for the B&W conversion, the files are close to 250MB each. I never used to delete anything, but this new camera has forced me to re-think that plan.

joseph cole's picture

i was just doing some editing on my last file that was an 8shot pano converted to 16bit and edits i got it to 1.5g had to compress the file down to 150mb

Chris Jablonski's picture

Don't crash Fstoppers now, Joseph!

joseph cole's picture

lmao no unfortunately i have to dumb it down and lose all those nice details for this site

Xander Cesari's picture

Your misgivings about the photo aside, it does convey a very strong mood and vibe. The leading line of the fenceline combined with the way the sunbeams would play as you walked into the frame make it a very dynamic photo. I'm a fan!

Tom Maggio's picture

I love this! Feels just like the Florida I grew up in. Love the light passing through the trees and the barbed wire fence is so Florida....

Great work there!