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Rotted tree at Indian Lake

I'm not sure if this works. When I look at the full-resolution file, the fine details are impressive, but I fear the image overall is a little bland, or maybe just too saturated with detail. What say you?

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I agree Philip. I like the perspective on the fallen tree and my whimsical side thinks the two large branches at the far end of the trunk look like horns. It is the pile of brush/branches at the left that 'mess up' the image for me. So, if you have a chance to reshoot and can remove that brush pile.... I'm just kdding. :)

Seriously though, the focal point that draws my eye is the hole in the center of the root mass and that isn't interesting enough to carry this. Sorry my friend!

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I'm a bit torn as you are, Phillip. Too saturated with detail is probably a good way to put it, or busy, but it IS rich detail. Perhaps a lack of broad tonal contrasts to enliven the composition is an issue too, and that could be addressed with discreet global and local tonal and contrast adjustments.

I'm loath to tamper with your images, as I think you're a master of monochrome processing, but to illustrate my point I'm posting this edit, which is an attempt to emphasise the distinction between the major elements. However it's getting more Bill Brandt or Paul Strand than Phillip Breske and his refined, slightly understated style!

Perhaps stepping back and left, and swinging the camera right, to include the left branches more or less where they are, while reducing the size of the rotted tree, and having it as a separate compositional element at bottom right might have separated the two really textured areas, to effect.

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I don’t mind at all!

I’m thinking I might return in the early morning someday and see if I can get a different angle or light. Can’t hurt. 😊

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The clump of branches in the upper left corner seem to be the most distracting. The subject itself is decent.

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I am with everyone else, it is the bush in the upper left that is a bit too much. I am not sure what happens when you recompose, you will probably lose the dramatic effects of the split trunk.