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Abandoned Church

This Church, located at Cullenwood near St Marys in Tasmania, was built in 1847, and is now abandoned to the weather elements

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Hi Peter,

This is a nice subject and location. However, in my opinion, there are several things you could do to improve upon it. I hope you don't mind my critique here. I intend it to be constructive.

1) The time of day. This was taken when the ambient light was too strong and the shadows too stark. Judging from the shadows of the gate, the sun was behind you. I would retake this shot in warm light at dawn or dusk, depending on the position of the sun. It would be better to have it behind the church, just over the hills beyond.

2) The composition. I would actually get inside the church compound or get further away from the gate to compose the shot. From this distance, the slanting lines of the top of the gate are misleading, and the gate itself doesn't do much for the composition, especially since it's not properly centred. If you step further away and centre the gate in your shot, the gateposts and trees could add a nice frame to your composition. You also have a 50:50 divide between the earth and the sky. You could either move further back with the same lens, or into the compound with a wider lens, and keep the earth in the bottom third of the frame. That way you'll have more sky to work with, which hopefully the next time will be more dramatic.

3) If you're shooting at sunrise or sunset, expose for the sky and bring out the shadows in the foreground. Or bracket exposures or use a GND filter if you know how.

This is a really nice location and subject, and I hope you get a really compelling photograph of it.

Best regards,


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Sid, thank you for your very constructive review. I am going to go back and reshoot it exactly as you advise. Unfortunately, the Gate was chained up, and so I did not want to trespass. I am trying to locate the custodian so that I can get full access. I am too old to jump over the gate.Thank you again. Regards, Peter

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You're most welcome, Peter. I look forward to seeing the recomposed shot. Please let me know when you do post it.

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Thank you. Please see Sid's critique and my response above. Regards, Peter