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Sunrise At 11K Feet

Gable Lakes Trail
Bishop CA

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Good one, Victor! I presume you had to climb a bit of that 1100' with your gear. I like the atmosphere, with that slightly unreal, painterly light.

Thank you Chris. 50lbs on my back and 2 camera bodies and 3 lens lol. On taking this pick I was so glad to only have my camera in hand lol

Chris Jablonski's picture

You suffer for your art! I feel like a hero with my 10kg pack plus tripod in hand. But I don't stray too far from the car. The mountain can come to Mohammed, as far as I'm concerned. Mohammed is still waiting... ;-)

Wow! beautiful colors and clouds. The foreground was a bit distracting in this case (usually they are not). The colors didn't look overboard.

thank you 😊🙏 your input is much appreciated 👌✌️