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Melbourne Tram, Australia

I was in Melbourne on a trip and was intrigued by their Tram System in the city. A lot of major cities in Australia had Trams in the 1950s but stupidly listened to the big corporate bus companies to do away with them. With fossil fuel so expensive and causing environmental problems, today's governments are regretting the decision to get rid of Trams

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Well the Melbourne tram runs on electricity from the massive coal power plant in Traralgon, so I'm not sure it's so green =)

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Nice and green in Melbourne! ;-)

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You are right about the coal, but if we do develop clean energy from the Sun etc, the Trams will still run, but the gas guzzlers won't. The City Fathers of Melbourne were the only ones to predict that fossil fuels were doomed. Mass transit of people is going to be a huge problem in the future, let's hope our governments will listen and do more to stop global warming.

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Is this landscape, or is it nature?

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Take your pick Scott, you may learn something about other parts of the world