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Joe Malone's picture

Less time on post processing

This shot (taken on September 26th) highlights what I love about the Sony A7R3. I did bracket this shot due to the high dynamic range, but again found that a single shot gave me the result I wanted, with the obvious benefit of less post editing being required.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Nice job, Joe. One small thing I'd mention in terms of CC is the sea horizon is a little tilted, but more suprisingly seems to have a large amount of barrel distortion, the two spoiling the effect a bit for me. The distortion alone makes the right end of the sea droop. This is something I'm very sensitive to, but I'm not alone.

I'm surprised at the barrel distortion as you're using a decent camera which I'd expect to be paired with a good lens. Your EXIF is missing; what lens did you use? Your gear listing suggests the 24-105 and the image suggests 24mm, which would account for this.

Lens distortion and rotation are easy to remove in post (if not done for you automatically for those shooting jpegs). I had to use 31/100 on my software's distortion correction to straighten the horizon.

Bruce Grant's picture

Which software did you use to correct?

Chris Jablonski's picture

I use ACDSee for everything, Bruce.

Alessandro Cerro's picture

Well, less doesn't mean better. Actually merging 3 bracketed shots is pretty straight forward in camera raw or wathever else. That is the case, shadow noise seems to be pretty contained thanks to the sony sensor, but the sun is completely burned. That's what I would have done: bracket for highlights containment, cropped for symmetry, emphasis of the nice red-light on the rocks and the moos, same for the small rivers going towards the sun, A nice Sunstar for the sun, and a small gradient in the sky, just to take the eyes towards the center of the image - average time 20/40 mins.
That would have took this shot to a whole higher level!