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I really like to observe the silver poplar trees and specifically their leaves. Their leaves are green on the one side and silver on the other. The day I found these silver poplar trees it was very windy. This gave me the inspiration to create this image. All I had to do was wait for a strong wind which would reveal the silver colour of the leaves.

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Nice! To make this more striking as a landscape, consider choosing trees that are at different distances to create a foreground, midground and background, perhaps along a trail. Consider shooting from the side rather than straight on. With all the trees at the same distance from the viewer on a steep hill, it makes the image very flat and non-immersive. This would work, though, as an abstract photograph if you only photographed the leaves up close, which could be effective. Also, play with exposure times! A strong gust with a long exposure would blur the leaves in a tasteful way and could be worth playing around with, as I have not seen that done often! I love the concept and have long enjoyed the silverleaf maples by the river for this same reason!

Gregory Thanos's picture

Thank you very much Dylan! I really appreaciate it!