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New to site.

Hey all Scott here from Australia, just joined up tonight and been watching a few critique videos on youtube and have found them very informative.

I would love some critique on a recent image that I have taken, sorry about the watermark I am working from my laptop and it has the watermarked copies on it.

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Thanks Jerry for your feedback, the focus point is on the bush in the top third of the frame. It is manually focused for there, it also was windy this could explain the lack of sharpness at 1/20sec. I will look at re-shooting this image.
Here is a re-edited version, thoughts?

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Thanks Jerry yes I have other images from this area. Due to being in a National Park with tight restrictions I have to pay $30 each time I want to go in and take photos for the day. We get a good storm season which comes from that direction (east) and I will be hoping to combine lightning into the composition. Thank you for your time.