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Road to the Stars

Canon 77D with 18-55mm kit - 20sec, F/4.0, ISO3200, 18mm

Picture I took a couple of months back at Onaero Bay, Taranaki, NZ.
This is just 1 shot so no photoshop tomfoolery, although I'm trying to figure out image stacking now days.

Always trying to improve though so any feedback on what could of been done differently/better...

Blue Hour

Good things come to those who wait, and it is after the sun has disappeared beneath the horizon and most folks have packed up and have started heading home that the fun really starts and the magic begins. The twilight afterglow. The blue hour, that ephemeral sliver of time when the sky, the land and the sea are awash in surreal magentas and...

Best lens to use for portrait photography and the distance one should be to get the possible results of sharpness and dof.

I have been debating with other photographers on what is the best lens to use for doing portrait photography. I tend to lean on the 50 mm lens with the distance between me and my subject no more than 10 feet away. Do you agree? If not then any suggestion is open and suggesting is appreciated. I also use a 70-200mm for distance shots. But I also...

First picture on Fstoppers

Although I read articles on Fstoppers for a longer time, I did not show my pictures. My first is Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
I visited Paris in October 2012. I was there taken photographs of the Eiffel Tower at that moment when the fountains came alive. I was lucky to capture some pictures. One of them is this one.
Please let me...

Window of light

I just joined the group and I will like to share this with you.
I did this images in my studio with a single strobe on the ceiling.
This is an ongoing project, shooting with the new ideas as they become tangible.