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Australia Day 2018

One of the things I love doing is shooting around water.

Be it, in the water, on the water or under the water.

I shot this in my studio in a little inflatable wading pool covered in black material and then filled with water.

Lighting was a simple 1.2m octaganal softbox

Bagan photography tips?

Hi guys,

I've been travelling South East Asia for about 4 months now and covered Nepal, Tibet, India and I am currently in Myanmar.

In a week or so I'll be going to the famous Bagan temples. This is obviously a huge place and I was wondering if any photographers had any tips for making the most of my trip there. Any good spots or...

Just joined up

Hey all,

Just joined upto Fstoppers and I'm loving so much of the work everyone puts up on here <3

I'm pretty new to photography and figured the best way to get better is to learn from other, better photographers with the experience I'm lacking :)

This is a photo I took in Wellington, New Zealand of the Point Halswell...

Creepy Nut Crackers

Hey guys,

This is a shot I took during Christmas of a couple of a nut crackers. I've always found nut crackers a lil creepy and these 2 are no exception :-/

This is my first real attempt at using lights so any feedback is welcome.
Looking at it now and with the knowledge I've picked up I'm kinda feeling like the light was...

Speedlight portrait

A friend from work agreed to be my model while I test my new speedlights. We got a coupple or really great shots, I'm super happy with the results.

But I also learned not to trust the picture on the back of my camera but instead to use the histogram. Many of those photos were quite underexposed and I had to bring them back in post...

Model: Deborah Belien

Model: Deborah Belien
Photographer: Bram van Dal

Camera settings:
Shutterspeed: 1/90
Aperture: F / 1.4
Iso: 800
Lens: 85mm

Location: Gusj-market at Strijp-S in Eindhoven.

To the right of the model, through a large window, soft light enters the building, behind her is the second light source,...