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Some Fashion Fun

We got out in the evening to do a little portfolio session in the desert and it carried on until after dark in a makeshift garage studio. We hit three locations in the 4 hour session since we didn't want the fancy hair, makeup and five outfits to go to waste.
Location 1) A flood control culvert under the railroad tracks out in the desert...

Is photography a lie?

I am the type of photographer who is afraid of showing his pictures on camera. When people ask me to take their pictures, they expect to see a nice shot right out of the camera. That frustrates me because I feel that I am not good enough at taking pictures. What is photography anyway?

Magic Hour Session

I realized that I always steered clients toward portrait sessions in the late afternoon or as close to sunset as they would allow. This led to a new portrait offering: magic hour sessions. Clients who agree to sessions close to sunset are rewarded with the most gorgeous light.

Have you tried offering this type of session to your clients...

Insta Portfolio Review

Aloha, photography is my life with my wife along side myself. What I ask of you all is to critique my work. All photos are shot in RAW, and edited with the usual LR. Head on over to my IG: chapman_photo and critique my work. All suggestion are taken as knowledge. So don't be afraid of being harsh. Reason why I post here for advice. Thanks

Panasonic Lumix GH5 - Pro Kit for Sale!

Purchased for 2 professional projects and no longer need this rig. Plenty of information online regarding the GH5. In a nutshell it’s a beast! The video capabilities alone have set this camera apart from the pack. The 4K/10bit is mind blowing… not to mention the insane frame rates, terrific IBIS, long battery life and zero overheating issues. I...

Architectural Photography Pricing

Very new to this job market. Note: this is not real estate photography for agents.

I've been very lucky in a having some good connections to shoot for some companies with pretty

good bank accounts.

Currently priced a few jobs for a few companies at $125hr. (I know this is low) This includes the

moment I leave the...

Prime Lens or Variable

Hello all. I'm still newish at astrophotography. Got hooked on it back in the summer of 2015. I currently use a Rokinon 10mm, f/2.8 lens for my night stuff. I also have a Sigma 18-300mm f/3.5 lens which I love for just about everything else I do. No removing the lens, less dirt... as I'm a dirt magnet for some reason.

So, the 18-300 isn'...