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New to wedding photography, tips?

Hey everyone, so the 24 year old daughter of a family I've known for a while now, is getting married in May of 2017. They asked me to photograph the wedding. As I am mostly a sports and portraits shooter I was hesitant to say yes but I told them I can. They said expecations are not real high for the wedding and they aren't really looking for...

Dark Beauty

This is a recent shoot that I did with a model/photographer friend of mine.

We explored the idea of having a dark beauty theme to the image.

The lighting setup consisted of:

700mm Beauty dish on the right as the key light
1.5m Strip Box on the left to soften the shadows
1.5m Strip Box placed low and in front of...


I've loved photography for as long as I can remember, but only recently have I put alot of effort into improving. This is a shot of my granpa, messing around while I try to take some generic family photos. He's a particularly difficult subject that I've wanted to photograph for some time. I would love some feed back


Never in my life did I imagine I would go to Iceland to photograph the incredibly beautiful and varied landscape. I had seen so many awesome shots on the Fstoppers community site that really changed my mind about going to Iceland. My mother asked out of the blue if I was interested in going to Reykjavik and I thought what the heck why not. I...

portrait from Wari .

Wari is an annual pilgrimage yatra in Maharastra,,pune,india yatra attracts a total of over a million pilgrims .This shot is one of pilgrimage they travel 21 days to complete there journey and end in Maharastra Pandharpur india..This tradition is more than 700 to 800 ye

New Death Valley Nightscape

I do a mix of natural and surreal astrophotography for my workshops and this came out a bit towards the latter. Visited Death Valley NP late last month and took a trip down to Racetrack Playa and created a 3 x 7 shot pano. It was a bit tough due to another group light painting directly in front of me.


Hi Welcome to the group! Photography is a great hobby or career, most of us I think would consider having it as a career due to the freedom of expression it provides. I live in an area where theres no scenic valleys or beautiful vistas, no seaside lighthouses or mountainous landscapes, so I have to be more creative with what I do. I take the...