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First post ever

Hey guys,

Always seeing awesome work on here and has been hesitant to post my own. This is my latest I think may be worth sharing.

The same model but different feel.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Cheeky new guy needs some answers...

What's shakin in here y'all?? Totally gonna get beer hammered later and would love to try and answer some questions...

#1 Why do 'photographers' always lighten up the eyes to an unnatural level...

#2 Are dudes included in the portrait group??... cuz all I see are chicks.

#3 If I don't completely blur the background is it...

Brecon Trip


Couple of shots from my trip to Brecon - all shot on my fuji XT10 & either Fuji 27mm F2.8 or Samyang 12mm F2, edited in Lightroom.

In here are my first attempts at long exposure with ND filters that I've borrowed from a friend - think I've used a 9 or 10 stop on the two river shots.

I know there are quite a few...

Nature Reclaims

This is an old concrete farm silo being taken back by vines. I liked the composition elements of man made lines and curves, juxtaposed to the natural vine structure. I'd love to get feedback on the composition before spending a ton of time printing it out to show.