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KRISH IFBB champion, motivator and all around dedicated individual lifts herself up off the floor to show all off her amazing definition. I used my faithful single SB900 strobe to light this shot through a large softbox. It can be a struggle sometimes with a single small strobe but with the right positioning, you can get a full body exposed...


Such a treat to have Teta and Lex in the studio for this Sunday afternoon session. To shoot these individuals who have amazing bodies and chemistry it was a no-brainer to use my default single strobe set up. The AD600 pro was positioned above and centre on a stand with boom arm so every nook and cranny was exaggerated with defined shadow. I...


(Radmila Savić) A Serb woman at the age of 84, expelled by Albanian from the village of Gojbulja near Vučitrn*. She resides in one of the old buildings of the former Trepca industrial giant, in extremely inhumane conditions. Lives alone, she has no family anymore.

(*City in central part of occupied Serbian province of Kosovo)

Recent Martial Arts Shoot

This is from a shoot I did last weekend. It was for a martial arts gym (Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). There were four students prepared for the shoot and we and a HMAU on site as well. Keep in mind that none of the four students had any modeling experience and they were a bit nervous at first. I did some "loosening up" test shots...

A Voyage to Surreal

It's a real privilige to live in Aegean seaside of Anatolia. We have one of the most amazing sunsets by the time of this season. Then I decided to capture it. I grabbed my Nikon D750 and great Sigma 24-35 f/2 lens and placed them near by the sea. After a couple of long exposure and focus stacking process I made some color grading in Lightroom....