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Sunset at Þingvellir

Hi there

I really wanted to share this photo with you. It was quite an amazing moment and not often that everything lines up so wonderfully like last Saturday. I was at Þingvellir, South-Iceland, and had been out shooting all day and nothing spectacular had happened.By the time we got to the National park Þingvellir, it was magic time....

Red Queen / A250

Hey guys! It's me, Cédric, again. I just shot this one last night and i would be nice to hear some Feedback on this one!
What do you think of the light reflecting off the Hood? Photoshop it or leave it?


Welsh Golden Sunrise


I would like to share with You my latest Panoramic shot that I took In North Wales. First of all I planned my trip day before and I know that next day will be Clear sky in the morning. After 1h our drive I reached Llanberies - from there I start my 1h hike on Moel Eilio. View from peak are spectacular. Before Sunrise there was...

Need input please.

Just need some feedback to anyone who does night time or full spectrum photography. I just need some help, am I heading towards the right direction? I used a Sigma Sd14 with no hot mirror and auto balance b/g, ISO 50 and variable F stops and time dealy 5 seconds to 20 seconds. The only photo editing is with Sigma Photo Pro 6, adjust saturation...


Namibia, Sossusvlei area, an alien place between sand and sky, only two colors besides black and white. This please is reached after a short trek through the red dunes of Namib desert and the scenary is absolutely amazing: loneliness, silence, perfection. Everything is in equilibrium, you can shot for hours.

I tried to shot wide for a...