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Halloween Inspired | Edward Scissorhands

Hey Y'all! I'm not sure if this belongs in the portrait photography group, but I wasn't sure where else it would go. Have a look, enjoy, comment if you like! This was a fun concept shoot for my son who enjoys pretty much all things Tim Burton inspired and wanted to be Edward Scissorhands for Halloween this year.

Shot with a Nikon D4s and...

New photographer, first shoot.

Hello everyone!
I bought a Canon 80d about 3 months ago and decided to start teaching myself photography and now I'm obsessed. I pretty quickly realized that this is something that I want to centre my career around.
The other day I had the opportunity to shoot two Acroyoga teachers who wanted some social media pictures.They were...


I`ve started trying photomanipulation myself.I`ve wanted to ask for your advice.
I`ve planned to create certain images of my own idea. It`s benn really difficult to find the rigt elements.It`s easy t o find pictures of trees, stones etc, but it`s difficult to find pictures of people in the right poses and cloths, for example...

Did you update your Lightroom?

I have a question for each and every one of you, did you update to the new Lightroom? If so, why?

I honestly haven't updated my Lightroom or Photoshop since the 2015 version, I feel like I don't have to. It has everything I need. Give me a camera raw editor, curves adjustment layer, a brush tool and I'll be fine, haha!

Is there...

A couple ikea lights and photoshop

Any feedback to improve? I know I didn't start with the best image but I don't have any lights, just used an ikea desk light pointed at an angle and my ceiling lights. A lot of curve adjustments, then did a brights luminosity mask and did a curve adjustment on that mask to give the image a little pop / contrast

Shot with a sony a7r 55/1....