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Very First Couples Shoot (Feedback Needed!)

Hey everyone! So I am VERY new to photography (like baby deer wobbly knees new). I'm still learning and I am always looking for ways to get better. The problem is that there is really no one in my life who does photography so I have to learn everything by myself and from online resources which is fine except that I can't really get direct...


Helloooo. Hoping to get some editing advice/critique for this shot. I know it looks amateur but hoping to get some opinions on what would make it look more realistic.... Lighting around front of car? Shadows on floor? If i may ask.

Diamond Fuji

Hello fellow F-stoppers,

About 2 and a half years ago, I learned about this thing the Japanese call Diamond Fuji. It's when the sun sets (or rises) directly over Mt. Fuji. The first time I attempted to photograph this, I was equipped with my best camera gear, a point-and-shoot Ricoh CX3 in full auto mode. Due to the cloudy horizon on...