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Brightest Black / Critique

"Sometimes Black can be so Bright, as Bright as you go Blind"
- Farbod
This is my recent work which I guess you night have seen many similar photos and ideas like this
But the thing is each person either a photographer or a painter would capture/showcase a moment differently (specially when it comes...

In desperate need of travel

Hello world! My name is Emmanuel (Eman for short) I am a 16 year old aspiring artist, traveler and photographer based in Elyria Ohio, though I've never traveled outside the states I wish to someday be able to do so and to inspire some of you along the way, I love to draw however The desire to travel the entire world has overtaken me in many...

New photos

Update - Just wanted to update this post with 5 of my favorite shots I've gotten over the last few months. Any feedback would be great, I don't have any real training as a photographer so I know my technical skills aren't the best but I enjoy capturing these moments with my friends and I'm just trying to improve my photos.

I haven't...