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Horror Show

Inspired by a Mark Fredrickson illustration back in the 90s, it took several photos and a lot of Photoshop to create my self-portrait rendition.

The fur was from the mane on one of my daughter's stuffed animals, and the monster fingers were leftover from Halloween. I popped the popcorn myself!

The City of Gold

Hello there everyone

I've just spent some time in Dubai during this summer.
Usually I'm only into wildlife and landscapes but some of my friends convinced me to try shoot some cityscapes while being in Dubai.

So here goes - my first ever cityscape, I hope you like it :-)

Just stepping into the group.

Hello everyone, my name is Morgan.

Just wanted to put up some of my work to introduce myself to the group. I am based in Savannah, Ga but frequently travel to Toronto, ON. Just looking to network with new people, share work and get opinions as well.

My site is currently down but you can view my Instagram account at https://...

Hello, I need your feedback

Yoyo guys, I just did a CRAZY shoot with the most talented MUA and a model who is exotic in my country (Croatia). Give me your feedback on the photos, I started doing beauty recently and my retouching is still not top notch. I'm trying to improve and in the process I need feedback. HONESTY IS REQUIRED !

First post to the group.

Hello everyone. My name is Morgan. Recently joined Fstoppers and I am just stepping into the groups I've joined to show some work.

I've only shot at two concerts so far, but it is definitely something I want to do more. My first was a G-Eazy tour stop, the Second was a Riff Raff show.

Feel free to let me know what you think.

From Paris with love

Hi, My name is Kavak & I'm commercial fashion photographer based in Paris. I do fashion editorials too & time to time personal work. Just joined this group today and wanted to share some works to see what do you guys think. I would love to hear every opinion.
Don't hesitate to see more on my website or my Instagram page. Cheers....