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The Gambia

Portraits I took during my trip to the Gambia.. Hope you like them.

Infrared photography


Landscape photography is not what I do professionally, but a few years ago I was given the use of a Nikon D300 converted to infrared and I loved it from the beginning. Now when I go on vacation its pretty much the only camera I pick up. Its not were I have a lot of experience, so I'd love some feed back from the Landscape community...

Getting Into Fstoppers

Hey guys, I created an account about a year ago but haven't really posted at all. Thus, here is my first post (I think). I'm a landscape, travel, music, and adventure photographer currently residing in Boulder, Colorado! If you wish to follow me on social media my links for Instagram & website are below. Thanks friends!

Instagram: @...

Daniela in Natural Light

Just getting my feet wet here with a first portrait post. When it comes to portrait photography I am strictly a hobbyist who enjoys taking pictures of people who are close to me. I also enjoy sharing my images and may learn some tricks along the way. For everything but bird photography I'm using a Sony a6000 with24 1.8 lens.

Puerto Peñasco

Hey everyone, first time posting here. I'm pretty new to the Fstoppers community.
I'm an American photographer originally from Tennessee, I now live in Southern Utah and I'm thoroughly enjoying the desert in the western states.

You can find me on these networks:


Hi I'm Keith and I am new to the group. I have been shooting for about 2 1/2 years now. I love portrait photography. I am self taught who started on digital, but is slowly learning film. Here are a couple recent images:

Whats missing?

Granted I'm using a entry level camera but I want to really evolve and learn exposure before moving on. Is this photo under exposed? Should I use an external flash in these situations? I did edit this photo in lighroom to give it the HDR look obviously but I just want feedback to see if i'm heading in the right direction.

Feedback! :)

Hey everyone, first time posting here. This is a newer genre of photography for me, and this shot comes from my most recent session. I'd love some CC from some experienced eyes here to see where I can improve. Thanks in advance, and happy new year!!!

First try

Hello everybody!

This shot was taken not long ago in Druskininkai (Lituania) and it's my first attempt to use different post-processing techniques (I've been using solely Camera Raw so far).
I would appreciate if you could give me some feedback (negative is welcomed).

Charging People For Modeling

Let me start off by saying that I love allowing my friends and peers from school to be in front of the camera and give modeling a shot. However, I am to the point now where multiple people - especially this week - have been cancelling on me despite already having plans for shoots. Mind you, they had cancelled the hours to a day before, but...