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Hi my name is....

Hi there fstoppers, My name is Fletch and I have been playing around with photography for a bit as a hobbyist but i am now upgrading my status to serious hobbyist. I see people posting pics for CC and it has made me want to throw my hat into the ring to see what I come up with. Recently my class final made me have to get back into photography...

Would love some CC

My name is Nechama, Just joined this group. I am looking for some constructive critique to better my headshots...
If you guys can take a look at some sample pictures and let me know where I can improve that would be really helpful!


A local, non-profit opera company asked me to do headshots of their board members for their new website. I had some challenges with the lighting and am still learning post-processing. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.


Hallo! My name is Johann, I just joined to this group and I am looking for some constructive critique to better my headshots. I became very inspired by the Dylan Patrick cinematic headshot and I try to reach the similar results but with the different equipment.