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Lofoten Seaweed

I would like some feedback on this one.
The sharpness of the photo is changed because of the upload to the site - so yes, I know it looks a bit unfocused but the original is sharp as a knife.

I really liked the idea of the green seaweed in contrast to the white snowy mountain.

Looking for critique

So I joined fstoppers a few months ago hoping I would get advice and feedback on my photos, Maybe I'm using the site wrong but I haven't seen any feedback yet.
This is just a simple shot at the skatepark, I had never shot scooters before but Josh was killing it that day and I asked him to shoot a photo.
Took me 3 tries to nail the...

portraits with a7r need help )

hi everybody
I need your help I m looking for a 85mm lens and I m not sur about the one I ll buy.
zeiss 85mm 1.8
g master sony 85mm 1.4 expensive I think
niikoor 85mm 1.4 with adaptator novoflex

I ll shoot portrait with natural light only for the moment.
my budget is not my main pb I d just want to know if...

Using some tips from Elia's tutorial

I have a specific love for wide angle pictures, and to show human scale in them. I was at this place a couple of days ago and got to shot this image, which is a single expo, 15 seconds. This place is awesome by the way. So, I had been very busy for the last couple of months and until today got a time to do some post processing. So, the thing is...


Leave some feedback please.

I usually shoot in BW mode, but i really wanted to try to do something different, i like this colour cast but i do not know if its too much or not....

2nd Attempt | Headshot

hi everyone..:) new in this site..i love portrait photography..but still new in headshot photography.
comments and critiques are most welcome,,thanks all

INfo :-
Nikon D700
Nikkor 80-200 f2.8
2 x SB900
easy box for key light & umbrella for backlight