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Magic Touch

For a musician, the instrument is like an extension of his own body, so the contact between the body and the instrument is like a magic touch, it is the point where the instrument stops being an inanimate object to become the vehicle of music that comes from within the musician.
I gave the name "Magic Touch" to this project because it...

How to learn to pose a Subject

Hi guys, I am new in photography, I have been looking at other photographers work online and watch the Videos online, I have noticed that all professional photographers they tell their subjects how to pose, So can any one help me, i will like to know where/how do i learn to pose my Subject... If they is any link, please share it with me it will...

first times

I am still having a lot of firsts with photography. The two pictures below are perfect examples to this statement. I recently did a misty morning shoot for the first time with the colorful picture below as a result.

I also purchased a Cokin filtersystem with 3 ND filters and because I now have those filters I could go for long exposures...


I recently was able to visit Sweden for a week, and a couple of the days there were spent in one of the most northern cities, Kiruna. They were already solidly in their winter season and we were able to capture so many beautiful frozen views! This is one of the few that I've been able to process so far. I'd love some CC!

Ice light 1 Westcott


i'm looking for someone who bought the new ice light 2 and doesn't want the previous version anymore and can sell it to me. Is there anyone who matches my criteria ? :-)

You can contact me with my e-mail :

I'm from Switzerland btw for the shipping.

Have a great day.

Kind regards...