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Backpacking through South-East Asia: zoom vs primes


I'll be travelling to Thailand and Vietnam and plan on doing some documantary and street photography work and need some advice on what equipment to take with me.

Since I'll be backpacking, size and weight are quite an issue and I already decided to leave the 70-200 at home (what a shame). I got some great results with my D750...

A Unique Opportunity

My cousin, Gabe, asked me to design a portrait shoot for him just recently. This was truly a unique opportunity because Gabe was born without arms or legs. He is launching his career as a motivational speaker and much of his speaking material is designed around the topics of excelling without limits and how he has continued to achieve his goals...


Hi folks!
My name is Jack.
I'm from Montreal, Canada. I do portrait headshots for casting agencies. 90% of the time my sessions are outdoor with natural light. if i don't have the light i want or in a rush, i use my octobox at low power to get what i need. Have a good weekend!

And some time past by...

So there I was taking photos and exploring my backyard (which happened to be the Tongariro National Park) and then I applied for a job and low and behold I ended up in Wellington. So I've gone from photographing snow, mountains and lakes to, well I'm still discovering Wellington.

These pictures from my adventures out and about around the...