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Focus stacking in ??

Just delving into macro photography as a downtime project. It's going well but I was wondering what programs everyone is using for focus stacking or if there are any recommendations on how to use Photoshops (CS6) feature better. Seams like it should be able to refine the masks better than it does. Leaving big blurry patches through the images....

What's your favorite Manhattan recipe?

Summer is hitting NYC hard, and I've been practicing and trying to perfect my recipe for a good Manhattan. I'd love to see what your favorite recipe is. Here's mine:

4 parts bourbon
1.5 parts sweet vermouth
1 part maraschino cherry sauce
A few cherries in the glass for shits and giggles

Shake the living hell out...

Loch Lomond - Scotland

A photo of a recent sunset over the water of Loch Lomond, Scotland.
Relatively calm conditions kept the water surface glass-like and serene, but the drop in temperature allowed mist to form and add a wee bit of drama to the shot.

Overall I am happy with the shot but I still feel it is lacking a wee something, I just don't know what...

Civita di Bagnoregio

I strongly wanted to have "Civita di Bagnoregio" in my landscape-cityscape portfolio. This is a unique place in the center of Italy and I have never been there before. I was there for planning my wedding in Tuscania (VT) and, not too far from there, there is this beautiful "dying city" connected to the world by a single bridge. We scouted the...

Tomorrow will be here

Tomorrow will be here

One of the images that pop in my head, I have the chance to download it from my head by using miniature photography. I thank so much Feliz Hernández for helping me with the tools to acomplish images that otherwise require great deal of money and large scale production.
Included are some BTS shots.

Hey everyone!

I'll be completely honest, I'm still not entirely sure I understand the defining difference between glamour and boudoir photography. I know I have gained a little bit of experience in at least one of them, haha! Regardless, I understand that the whole idea behind each is to capture your subject in the most aesthetically pleasing way with at...