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Lake Rotokura, New Zealand

Hi landscape community,

I've been watching posts for a few months now and been a little nervous putting my own images here for review, but I guess I can't grow without some direction. So I was hoping I could get some CC back for a couple of pictures. Both of these are of Lake Rotokura (North Island, New Zealand) on and about sunset....

New Guy Intro

Just saw this group. Having just moved to the Atlanta area (Marietta) last December, I'm pumped to find this group. Hopefully more Atlanta peeps join this group.

My name is Mac MacDonald and I'm currently in my first year of charging people to take their pictures. I focus primarily on wedding photography, but also do head shots (ton of...

Anne & Will

This was taken over the weekend in Midland TX. Shot with A77M2, 16-50mm f/2.8 @ f/4.5 1/100 ISO 100 Welcome CC. Thank you

[url=][img] by [url=]Perceptual Imagery[/url], on Flickr

Self portrait cc please.

I was really annoyed the other day because I couldn't get out to take photo's so I decided to do a self portrait (I was also hungover!). This is never intended to hit my portfolio, but I'd like some cc on it please as it's purely a practice piece. Thanks!

Thornhill Winter CC Please

Here is a shot of fresh snowfall at our local arboretum (Morton Arboretum). I've been playing with this for a few weeks to let it settle in on me. The old estate was a bit dark in the original shot. I'm feeling the overall balance is about right. As always I am hoping for some comments / CC feedback.

Natural light

Hello everyone!

My name is Danny and I'm new to the group. I began photographing for about 2 years ago. I was mostly shooting landscapes in the beginning but more recently my interest has grown for portrait photography. I dont know any photographers and therefore I hope I can get some comments and maybe some advice from you guys. Thank...


Hello Everyone, I've been watching Fstoppers on YT for a while now, but still very new to this community. I'm looking for some CC and/or advice about shots I've taken over the last year. I'd also like to comment some of my own thoughts on others' photos. Please have a look at my photo of Lisa, and tell me what you think! It was a pretty windy...

Some recent streetweat shots

Hi Guys,

I know its not exactly traditional fashion but I couldn't find a more fitting group and was hoping to get some feedback on a recent street wear shoot I've done.
These are actually all still frames I grabbed from film footage I shot of this model:


Swimming Photos

So this is my first post around these parts, and I was hoping to get some feedback/tips from the pros here. I'm a photographer for my school's swim team, and below I've picked a few I think are my best swimming shots so far. Do any of you have some experience with shooting swimming? Also: Any tips on photos of diving?
EDIT: So, turns out...