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Lingerie Car Shoot

Hi Guys,

a couple of stills from a recent lingerie shoot:

Sorry cant figure out how to hide...

Antarctic Landscapes

There is very little air pollution in Antarctica, I think because it is so far removed from pollution sources and is not affected by northern jet streams. Atmospheric light altering is exclusively by moisture in the air. In the moonrise, the mountains and clouds are lit by the afterglow behind me. The sun has been down for more than a hour. In...

Location portrait

I love the idea of a location portrait, a context, sometimes a story and fingers crossed, a free and interesting backdrop. But for me the best time for a really evocative location portrait is sun up or sun down. For both of these the drawbacks are difficult for the average amateur which I like to think I am. Sun rise means driving through the...

Mother and Son

The Tanzanian Cheetah is a loner, and raises her cubs without assistance from a mate. She finds it impossible to herd cats, and must stay with and guard them until they are mature enough to travel with her. This girl had 3 cubs, and with constant attention, managed to keep them relatively close to her, giving individual special attention to...

The Narrows

A neutral density filter is now my new favorite item to take on a good hike. It's the only way a shot like this was possible during the summer, on a super popular hike. Anyone who walked through the frame was hardly there long enough to register on the sensor. CC totally welcome!! :)