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Hi! New to this group!

Hi. New to this Fstoppers group. Not new to the website though, I couldn't retrieve my old account, so I had to start a new account.
I've been shooting cars for numbers of years.
Here's a recent shot I took for a clients GT3RS.
Flash to right 1/8th power.
Flash to left 1/16th power.

Pillar to pose - a natural light portrait

This shot was taken during a rainstorm in the middle of the day. The overcast and rainy weather gave me some really nice, soft light. I had the model walk slowly down the middle of the pillars towards me, while I walked backwards. I shot this at f1.4 while moving, so it took me a whole lot of tries to nail focus.
Nikon D750 & Sigma...

First time light painting

After more than 25 years in photoj field. I'm moving into the commercial side of photography and having to learn a whole new set of skill. This is my first attempt at light painting. Would love some feed back. Here is a before and after of a practice building.

When it rains.

This couple had a late spring wedding. As luck would have it, it rained all day until about 9 pm. On top of that, wind gusts were up to 30 mph. Made doing many outdoor shots pretty much out of the question. I was able to get the family portraits on the venue's covered patio area, with two people holding the flash gear.

First image was...

Serious but Simple Inquiry

I'm just having a bit of a difficult time exactly defining "glamour photography." So I suppose my exact inquiry is: Do the ladies or gentlemen subjects usually have to be half naked for it to be considered "glamour" or can the subject simply be "dolled up" or look their best. ....Okay, better variation of that question: "What DOES essentially...