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Vietnam Based Photographer

Hello everyone,
My name is Justin Mott, I'm a professional photographer who shoots just about everything and I've been based in Vietnam for 10 years. I've shot news and travel for The New York Times as a freelancer for most of my career but I also shoot commercial work and video. I'm the resident photographer on History Channel's...

Honest Feedback

Hey guys, here are a few of my favorite macro photos that I have done. They are taken with an 18-55 kit lens with a 10x attachment on it. I know some are probably a bit over saturated but I would like some honest opinions. With some I used a ring light.

Robin Feeding Young

Recently we noticed robins flying out of what is an ornamental spiral evergreen that we decided to let grow in. The tree is located just off our driveway near the corner of our brick house. The backside the tree is mostly open due to the proximity to the brick and we presume also by the heat generated by the all day sun that area receives....

I'm New Here | Vietnam Based Wedding Photographer

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to introduce myself and my wedding business Mott Weddings. We are based in Vietnam and Thailand and shoot weddings throughout Asia and beyond. Here is our we website
Great to meet you all and I look forward to being part of this group.

New to the group. Hi :-)

This was shot by a swamp but I didn't get the model to lay down in the water. Rather I had her lay in the grass near by and shot her and the water at the same angle.

Sex in the gym

This is a recent photo I took at a photoshoot in the gym. I have been shooting at the gym for about a year and starting to come up with a style. Pushing and pulling cool and warm colors.
I'm looking for some critiques or tips.

Sunset in Tharon, French coast near Nantes

This is a view of the fishing cabins of Tharon, 50 km away from Nantes in France.

The light was particulary superb yesterday evening, with a golden atmosphere.

In landscape photography, especially in seascape, you often have to be wet to get the shot you want, it was typically the case.

Took with a fujifilm x-pro2 and the...