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just got this into another edit I'm way happier with it and some how..... i got a 1star rating??? oh well let me know...
Last: October 24, 2018

Spider webs in nature

Spiders cast their webs after torrential Texas flooding to catch the first rays of sunlight.
Last: October 24, 2018

MFM: My First Macro

I'm coming in this fantastic secret world of macro photography and this is my first test. What do you think ?
Last: October 24, 2018


Spyair.⠀ ☆ 17.10.2018 @ Klub Kwadrat, Kraków, Poland⠀ ☆ More: or link in my profile.⠀ © 2018...

Kinects Tower - Seattle

Each image captured at different times in the day. Feel free to give your thoughts and opinions on these images.
Last: October 24, 2018

Flying Butresses

I was struck by the light and shadows of this scene, taken at the Dexter Family Mausoleum in historic Spring Grove...
Last: October 24, 2018

Dark knight

An action shot of a dark jet fighter against an lightly clouded blue sky. The jet advances way from the base, climbing...
Last: October 24, 2018

Lonely Cloud

This is one from my "Rock Of Solitude" series sunset at one of my favorite beaches off of the Pacific Coast Highway...
Last: October 24, 2018
Last: October 24, 2018

People in photos?

Just wanted to ask does adding a person into a photo improve the image or not? I personally added myself into this shot...
Last: October 24, 2018

Where should I post this

I don't know if this is the right place to post this. Anyway, I'd like critique on the composition, lighting, and color.

Foot Bridge in the Woods

While taking a walk in a nearby state nature preserve I came across this foot bridge that spans a small brook. I was...
Last: October 23, 2018

Learning luminosity masks, Tips?

I've been trying to get better at learning to edit my photography. This was the first time I have tried using...
Last: October 23, 2018


Travel at Hell's Gate National Park lies south of Lake Naivasha in Kenya, north west of Nairobi. Hell's Gate National...
Last: October 23, 2018

High Key Wetlook

This is a photo taken a while ago in natural light but I retouched it with PS CC 2019 and had no issues with the PS...
Last: October 23, 2018

A shrine in Honor

With rain on the forecast I still took the risk and ventured into Melbourne’s botanical gardens, the clouds covered...
Last: October 23, 2018


Model: Bea Alborch Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie Lighting: Single Light - High Key Location: Dubai Camera:...
Last: October 23, 2018

windy woman

shot this at Erie basin Marina Buffalo New York on a windy day

just a puppet

this was a collaboration between model and photographer. To come up with a marionettes puppet. I'm from Gasport New York

Help me please?

I need to know what more I can do to get this a higher rating, everyone says needs more work,but won't comment on what!!
Last: October 23, 2018