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Camera shy and cover girl

I was playing with a Canon 5d markii when I took these pictures in my back yard. Lily is a dachshund mix who is quite a bit camera shy. Sadie is a basenji mix that I can't seem to get a bad photo of.

My goal with the image of both of the girls in the same frame was to document the difference in their personalities.

Let me know...

McLaren 570S Interior

Interior of a McLaren 570S shot in the owner's driveway and composited over a stock photo. My first try at such a composite, inspired by a few beautiful similar interior shots I have seen recently. Lighting was a challenge, as the only modifier I had was a 24x36 inch softbox, but we made it work somehow!

Landscape photography location

What's your favorite location to shoot Adirondack landscapes? One of mine is from the summit of Mt. Van Hoevenberg.

*Please note that if you visit a location mentioned, keep in mind Leave No Trace practices in order to keep locations in a better condition than when you arrived.*


This shot was taken handheld using a 70-200mm f2.8. Apart from the top left of the image (the blackened area, which was an unavoidable 'exit gate' that I wasn't brave enough to photoshop), I'd love to get feedback on the overall image

Lost in the music

One of my favourites from a recent editorial shoot. We hooked the cans up to a DMP and played her favourite song. Within seconds her countenance changes - she was completely lost in the music.

Nikon D4 with a single profoto d1 c/w large deep brolly slung high and centre.

The Revelation

"The Revelation - The new is not revealed to those who eyes are fastened in worship upon the old"

Infusing the concept of levitation photography (made popular by Natsumi Hayashi) with fashion in this experimental and conceptual photo shoot.

The wardrobe design is by Josiah Chua Label and is inspired by the experimental spirit of...