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BodyScape 01

Fine art Photography: Marcos Domenech
Models: Sakurako and Mamiko Kawamura
Assistant: Aya Tanaka

2 female models,
1 Kg of Beach Sand,
2 Kg of Dry Ice,
1 pack of Army Men
1pack of StormTroopers
a perfect Time to Shoot the last time with my Canon 6D body before upgrade for a new one....

Frankfurt Skyline

One of the most stunning views you can find in Frankfurt am Mein.
This was shot on top of the 'galaria' building. It's next to "Zeil". (google maps can find it pretty easy)

This is a panorama. I used 7 shots to bring this photo together (2*3 +1)

Any CC?

When Someone Edits Your Footage, Horribly.

Has this happened to any of you? Lately I've been hired to shoot for a short surf movie. I'm also not the only shooter, there are four of us. The director of the film used to date a video editor, so she's decided to edit the film herself. And it's really not going well. She's calling it a grassroots film when she describes it to others, and...