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I need help deciding!

Ok guys and gals, I could really use your input. I am upgrading to a full frame camera for my wedding photography and I could use some input. Since I launched my wedding business this year I already have 4 wedding booked. I just sold my Canon 7d and I am about to purchase a full frame camera so that I don't have to keep renting one. I do not...

Best Editing Software for Mac Users

Hi there!

I am new to the fstoppers community. I have been an active wedding photographer over the last five years and am getting into promotional videography. I was curious what would be a good user friendly video editing software for a mac user like myself. Again I am just venturing into videography so something user friendly that I...

New Here

Just joined this group & Fstoppers as well. Seem to be unable to upload any images so I'll include a link to my Flickr pages...I have been shooting for years, Macro being my niche....

Fun visit

I was practicing some lighting when my granddaughter came to visit, she jumped in the chair so I took a quick snap, although not technically perfect I thought I'd share this with everyone in hopes to give you all the smile I get when I look at this.

Favorite Wedding Lens

Hi All
I am very new to this with only one paid wedding under my belt, although saying that I have been at many weddings with my planner friend as her photographer capturing the whole days actions of everybody doing their jobs including the other photographers, the more I have been doing the more I want them out of my way to do my own lol...

Hello world

My name Is Deacon MacMillan and I am a Maui based freelance photographer. I am going to Uruguay this October and was wondering how to get my feet wet in the travel photography field. If anyone is interested in seeing some of my work, my flickr feed is

nice to meet you all.