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Before / After

Hello Everyone!

Im a conceptual Photographer & Art Director from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I would like to share some Before/After.

Hope you enjoy, and if you have any doubt, please let me know.

a big hug!

Rotterdam during a storm

Try photographing a long exposure during the beginning of the biggest storm in history.. Your tripod isn't going to like you ;-)
In the end it worked out and I'm happy with the image I got, but are there any pointers to make it even better!? Thanks!

We tried something different

This model is great to work with. She's up for just about anything (cept NSFW). Anyway this is from a shoot where we did a number of "looks". This was just a fun concept and her eyes make it all work.

Photo releases needed??

I shoot on the streets and try to obtain releases BUT this is not always possible, as you know. One attorney tells me I can photograph anyone in public where another one is not so sure. I sell my images at art galleries and via art festivals. WHAT do you do and is there definitive language that spells out what is really correct and current...

Lake Doksa, Greece

This photograph was taken at Lake Doksa after 2 hours driving to get there on a very cold day. The light was great on the lake when I got there, but I just couldn't find the right composition until I saw this wonderful tree with its roots leading the way to the lake and framing my picture.

New Member Introduction

Hello everyone. My name is Chris Straiton and I am a beginner photographer. I just joined Fstopers and the group. My main interests are in Landscape Photography and have just done my first portrait shoot. I am hoping to learn a lot from the community and get some feedback on areas where I need to improve. Here is a shot I took at sunrise on the...

Humans of Brisbane

Hey all!

I'm locky. I've only been doing photography for about six months (been serious about is since november). In order to get better, I decided to start a portrait series where I visit subjects and take a portrait of them in their 'zen space'. I've learnt heaps doing it any hopefully I can learn a lot more from everyone here....

Filling my gear bag

As a new member, I'm trying to put some stuff in my gear bag. But.. It doesn't accept my Sony A65, nor my Minolta's. Actually, only the Mamiya rb67 is recognized.

Is there another way to fill this info as the database seems extremely limited and I don't see a way to add unknown equipment?