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Looking To Get Into IR Photography

Hey all, I've been looking pretty closely into trying out infrared photography. I looked a little bit into getting a digital camera converted for IR, but thought that I'd look for a better (meaning cheaper) alternative to start off. I have the Nikon FM10 (w/ kit lens), and I'm looking to try one of them fancy IR B&W film rolls- so I have a...

For critique

Hello i am from germany and speak not so good english, but i want to take here the oportunity to get constructive critique for the photos i had shoot.

What do you think of this photo? What could be done better?

Horseshoe Bend

It's winter now in the desert, and I was just thinking about warmer times while going through some of my old shots and decided to process this one! I'd love to hear from you, so tell me...what do you think?
For a high res view, go to:

Colorado Image CC Requested

I had the pleasure of spending time with some of Ansel's original prints which were being displayed at a local museum. Man that gave me such a jolt of inspiration. If you ever get the opportunity to see his images as they came out of the dark room....DO IT! The re-prints just don't do the images justice. So I came home and tackled this image...

Out a little

Hey guys, glad to see a Georgia-based group on here. I'm based out of Monroe, which is closer to Athens than Atlanta on Hwy 78, but most of my clients are in the metro area. I shoot two genres of images mainly: architecture and sporting (fishing and hunting). Excited to check out the work y'all are putting out there!

Still life

The day before yesterday i decided to play with my wife's flowers for a bit if a still life. I still need to get a good light meter so I used a video light and the light meter app on my phone. Being new to film, and photography in general, there is a lot of different things I probably could have done, but I do like how this one came out. I'[m...

The Gambia

Portraits I took during my trip to the Gambia.. Hope you like them.

Infrared photography


Landscape photography is not what I do professionally, but a few years ago I was given the use of a Nikon D300 converted to infrared and I loved it from the beginning. Now when I go on vacation its pretty much the only camera I pick up. Its not were I have a lot of experience, so I'd love some feed back from the Landscape community...

Getting Into Fstoppers

Hey guys, I created an account about a year ago but haven't really posted at all. Thus, here is my first post (I think). I'm a landscape, travel, music, and adventure photographer currently residing in Boulder, Colorado! If you wish to follow me on social media my links for Instagram & website are below. Thanks friends!

Instagram: @...

Daniela in Natural Light

Just getting my feet wet here with a first portrait post. When it comes to portrait photography I am strictly a hobbyist who enjoys taking pictures of people who are close to me. I also enjoy sharing my images and may learn some tricks along the way. For everything but bird photography I'm using a Sony a6000 with24 1.8 lens.