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Yulong river, China

A photo taken during my recent trip to China, in the area of Yangshuo. Very nice place to visit. The weather wasn't great, stormy and hazy most of the time. With the numerous karst peaks in the distance, a clear atmosphere would be a must.
I found a secret spot on the bank, taking some rest in the shadow of a big tree and tried to capture...

Portrait/Landscape Double Exposure

This was an accidental double exposure. I bought a used Canon New F-1 and brought it into work. I handed the camera to a coworker to look at when I heard the shutter fire. That weekend, I took the camera to the lake to do some landscape photos. This is the result.
Canon New F-1, Kodak Portra 400.

City Of Embers

I arrived on location and the rain was coming down. I persevered though and after drying up then getting soaked a second time and drying up again The sunset proved majestic. Never go home with an empty card, weather can change in a heartbeat and if you are willing to put up with getting soaked you will reap the rewards.


Hello, I am from The Netherlands and just joined this group today because I love cinematic images. The photo was my first attempt about one year ago. A classic ford mustang and a great model. Used bleu and orange in a profoto B2 set.

CC requested

Hello All,

How can I improve this image. I really like the dappled light and the colours, but i feel that more can be done with this image but not sure how. Do you feel that the composition is too busy? Should I try to simplify it? If so how should I do it without loosing the intrigue and the mood of the image. Thanks

Scotland, UK

Hey guys! I'm new to this group but I thought I'd share a few scenes I captured on my honeymoon this year. The Scottish Highlands are absolutely out of this world and so mystical! I am new to traveling, as this was my first trip outside of the United States, but I am eager to keep this new found passion growing.

Any CC's would be...

High key high contrast lighting setup

Hello there,

I'm looking for some advice on how to achieve high contrast high key head and 3/4 body shots (see attached images from recent Saint Laurent ad campaign).

I'm a graphic designer with 12 years experience by trade but have been doing semi-pro exterior / local area shoots for the past few years. So whilst I'm well versed...

Mirror Mirror

Sunrise on the Lago di Braies in the Dolomites, With the Tre Cime, It's certainly the most visited place in the Dolomites.

In autumn the place look so peaceful, it's complicated to achieve a perfect reflection as there is often wind on the surface of the lake.

I had a bit of luck as 10 minutes after the shot, the reflection...

Dramatic Senior

This is a recent shot from a Senior Picture shoot done here in Southern Maine. The subject is a star pitcher and heading to college on a baseball scholarship.
Lighting consists of 2 speedlights on either side of subject and 1 speedlight in a 24" softbox slightly off axis.

Mexico City

I was in Mexico City a little bit ago and got this great sunset image at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. I couldn't have asked for a better looking sunset and the clouds really came alive. Normally I lean toward time blended shots with the blue hour sky and lights, but I have really been loving the look of the actual sunset image. The building...