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Evening colours

i took this picture in a church with some great stained glass, enough to throw some great colour on my model. I would have preferred another lens but I was shooting with my 16-35mm that day. I love this shot and I had a tough job just keeping the edit the way I wanted it to be. CC is more than welcome.

How much time does a picture capture?

Is there a way to know how much time of our lives is captured in a single picture? It seems to be that time is infinitely divisible, therefore the time that is captured in a frame will always be dependant on how fast the camera is. Modern cameras are much faster than previous generation photography equipment. However, is there a physical limit...

Beautiful turkish bride

Nikon d3s+Nikon 70-200. Natural light, small and crowded living room. I removed two paintings from the wall behind her, pushed the big table from the middle of the living room into a corner. As a wedding photographer I often find myself in big rooms from castles, ah wait that was just a wish.. I often find myself in small apartment rooms and...


The Photo is collaboration between a young VET and her study towards most poisonous PYTHONS and how she hold and captivate snakes with her eyes , we took around 80-90 shots and every shot came amazing .

To the Moon and Back

This is something I was playing around with last night, learning to create reflections in water. I added the moon above the trees, and then added another layer with a mirror image of the moon as a reflection. With the reflection layer, I adjusted the opacity and added a bit of motion blur, and then skewed the perspective just a bit. Something...

The Land Of Oz.

If you happen to be taking a trip down-under and visiting sunny Queensland, then a photo from Kangaroo Point Cliffs is must, especially if you love your cityscapes. The vantage point from this lofty location, captures my beautiful city of Brisbane blissfully. There's plenty of other great spots to capture the view, that I have acquired whilst...


Always wanted to try different lighting effects and I made it! Still more to learn, solidify and master all the lighting techniques.

Shot with Canon 80D and 70-200 f4L
4 lighting setup.
Main light on right camera : Attached with gobo infant of the strobe light.
Fill light on left camera : Attached with red colour gel to...

Concrete Dreams

This one is from a Photo series based on the idea of evolution of dreams.
Your present reality was once someone's dream. And your future dreams were once someone's reality.
The Idea shows how simple pleasures of life will be unimaginable soon and hence will become dream. But we'll all have fast cars to drive.

Summer Days

Hello Everyone, I am from India but live in Bahrain. This might look like a beautiful garden but the model (Fernanda) is actually standing in a swamp and balancing herself on a lil piece is rock. The light was good and I love orange against green. Hope you like it

From A far

I grew up in Philadelphia, and I can remember when the tallest building in center city was The William Penn Building and at the time it was said, nothing would be built beyond its height. Now as the city grows in popularity so has our skyline! I am proud to say, Philadelphia is evolving into a worthy opponent of our worlds greatest cities!

Feedback on Background Lightning

Hey guys, new to the group, I'm actually still in high school, and just started retouching this photo from a recent shoot so neither color or retouch is finished but I wanted some feedback about the contrast with the dark background, I personally like the dramatic light, but what does everyone think.

Places of another place

El Bierzo, in general, is not granitic, however, in this crack sculpted by the Boeza river the rocks are granite. They are different from what I'm used to seeing when I go for a walk in the woods, their rounded shapes attract my attention and together with the reflections of the water they seem an interesting subject.

Asking for a little CC

My family took a day trip to Dry Falls in Highlands, NC, and I had the opportunity get some great shots throughout the day. On the way back, I quickly snapped this photo of the base of the falls. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to step off the trail to get a better view and I was being rushed back to the car so I just took the quick shot.


A 3 hour tour.

Had a test shoot the other day and decided to take out the boat for it. The day was going great, we were getting some awesome images. While I was distracted shooting, I didn't notice the tides going out and before I realized it the boat was completely out of the water. I truly felt like Gilligan that day my friends. Thankfully the model was a...